Drawing Out

Studio Anatomy

Drawing Out: Material Dialogues with the Boyarsky Collection

18.11. - 26.12.2017

Flanders Architecture Institute, Antwerp (BE)

Students from Studio Anatomy (KU Leuven) fight the battle with the drawings on the wall and exhibit drawings based on the method of Critical Sequential Drawing (CSD). The results of both exercises will be on view in deSingel (Antwerp) from 28 November till 26 December 2017.    The exhibited work is from Ghan Oudhuis, Esther Schepens, Loes Decruynaere, Lien Clyncke, Jiří Vala , Marek Vilášek, Timothy Ghyssaert, Giles Smets, Alžběta Pomahačová, Hendrik Haeyaert, Bert Stoffels, Eline Cooman, Daria Chmielewska, Urszula Kataryna Prokop, Iwona Anna Pawlak, Fred Meeuwens, Kevin Saey, Vit Burian, Anton Donckels, Xanthe Van Veirdeghem, Maaike Snel, Daphne Gort, Maarten De Smet, Charlotte Deneve, Marine  Boey, Nicolas De Paepe, Aaron Derie, Yann Courouble, Yasmine Vanneste, Victoria Van Kan.  ​

The exhibition Drawing Out: Material Dialogues with the Boyarsky Collection was part of the  project  Drawing Ambience. Alvin Boyarsky and the Architectural Association curated by Riet Eeckhout and Arnaud Hendrickx.

Photos exhibition: Griet Dekoninck

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