Moratorium space

Studio Anatomy

Moratorium space

31.05. - 4.06.2017

NEST, Old library, Ghent (BE)

The research theme of this assignment is the creation of a most carefully designed series of spatial transitions that is postponing (hence: moratorium) the access (prolongation) by making the latter very gradual. These transitions carve their way through and into an architectural mass (brick, stone) so as to finally penetrate into an imagined new space (hence: Moratorium Space). This space then has to be found, created, made and constructed for something extremely precious, i.e. Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Madonna of Bruges (1501-1504)1. This Moratorium Space has to be made in the architectural body of the Church of Our Lady in Bruges (13th, 14th, 15th Centuries).


Hendrik Haeyaert, Timothy Ghyssaert, Charlotte Deneve, Lien Clyncke, Esther Schepens, Loes Decruynaere, Justine Maes, Kevin Saey, Xander Cantineau, Marie Lootens, Aaron Derie, Nicolas De Paepe, Maarten De Smet, Stijn Colon, Giles Smets, Xanthe Van Veirdeghem, Anton Donckels, Marine Boey, Daphne Gort, Maaike Snel, Vit Burian, Jiri Vala, Omar Andrés Campos Rivera, Iwona Anna Pawlak, Urszula Katarzyna Prokop, Daria Chmielewska, Marek Vilasek and Alžběta Pomahačová.

Photos exhibition: Jo Van Den Berghe