Workshop Cocoa

Studio Anatomy


By the Spanish architect Eva Prats

09.04.2016,  Faculty of Architecture Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent (BE)

  • Offer a praline chocolate box to your research partner and record by way of photographing all the following actions.
  • Open the box.
  • Choose a praline.
  • Cut and make a section of the praline by drawing and annotate expectations, taste, actions and possible ingredients.
  • Scale 10/1


Stijn Baert, Eline Cooman, Nicolas Deflandre, Henri Devlaminck, Niels Devlieghere, Fred Meeuwens, Maarten Moreels, Nicolas Plovie, Heleen Verheyden, Miel D'Hondt, Christelle Nga Mbida,  Eva Neefs, Ghan Oudhuis, Yasmien Vanneste, Cedric Meuleman,  Joachim Moens, Victoria Van Kan, Annelies De Keersmaecker and Zara Piron.